About US

Clearbeatz is committed to one thing, and one thing only: to offer quality electronic accessories to those who share our passion for the highest quality, sharpest fashion, and most unique products available. We connect gamers, musicians, tech junkies, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between with the newest, coolest devices they never knew they needed.


Whether our customers are looking for watches, speakers, headphones, or other eclectic and fashionable devices, we are just as obsessed as they are when it comes to finding the newest and coolest products, and we remain at the cutting edge of the latest trends in wearables, peripherals, and other devices that help make our world go round.


Since opening our doors in Los Angeles, CA in 2019, we have worked tirelessly to expand our carefully curated catalog of select products and offerings, reaching out to customers across the globe looking for their next favorite device. Today, Clearbeatz continues to serve as a trusted partner to those seeking variety and quality, and we are grateful for the opportunity to meet others around the world who are just as excited as we are about staying connected to our digital passions.


We believe our devices are more than just things that make noise or give us information. Each product we sell is the continuation of a tradition of innovation, excellence, and passion expressed by the device's creators and those who enjoy them. Our products give voices to other artists and creators reaching out to share their gifts and talents with anyone who will listen, regardless of country, culture, or belief. That is why we are so excited by the future of Clearbeatz, and that is why we are committed to seeking out and offering the best devices out there.


Thanks for visiting our website, and please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help connect you with the exact device you have been looking for.